Connecting the dots: final project in the making

Hours 1-2 

I made my collage only to realize that what I wanted was not going to take the full 15 hours required, so I scrapped that idea and re-looked at Bilal’s work. Since I was doing the tattoo idea I decided to mimic his idea even further and looked into something that I could do a dot to represent an important issue in my life. My uncle just recently got deployed again and my great grandfather suffered from PTSD so this was my inspiration. I found a statistic during my research that said last year 6,552 soldiers committed suicide from PTSD and this is what I decide to represent in my final project. I also ordered the temporary tattoo paper during this time and found the image I was going to use.

Hours 3-5

My first couple hours spent dotting it took me quite some time because I was trying to figure out what size and color I wanted the dots to be. At first I wanted a point 2 size dot but after looking at it I didn’t want the dots to clump together because it needed to be representative of every single individual so I settled for point 1. I was also going to a do a red dot instead of black but I liked how the black looked better because black is a symbol for mourning and the point of this theme is to recognize and mourn their deaths. During this time I also did about 1,000 dots.

Hours 6-12

These hours, while not all clumped together, were spent doing the dots. And gosh were these dots scary at first, never thought I would finish.People suggested that I just click around but I wanted to pick where each dot went, not just randomly clicking (plus I had to count each dot individually and my brain does not work that fast. I did about 100 and then added them to my count which was kept on a sticky note on my computer. This finished out my dots with the remaining 5,552 dots. During this time I suffered from 1 computer shut down (heart drop included) and too many hand cramps to count. While my eyes for so tired from just staring so hard at the screen and my hand hurting I realized that Bilal’s pain from the real tattoo and the minor “pain” that I felt was nothing compared to the people we were trying to represent’s pain, making me even more grateful.

Hour 13-14

After finishing my project I started on a practice tattoo. The tattoo direction were not very clear so I think I wasted half the ink in my printer just trying to figure out if the dull or shiny side need to be up before I printed on the temporary tattoo paper! After printing I had to let the ink dry and then I put the adhesive on the print. I put my practice tattoo on my boyfriend and realized that I needed to mirror the image when I printed it because the numbers in particular were backwards.

Hour 15

I mirrored my image before I printed it so that the numbers would be facing the right way. Then I printed my tattoo and made it much larger than the practice tattoo, that way the dots would be more prevalent and did the same steps as before for applying the temporary tattoo.I also wanted it to take up as much space so it was big like Bilal’s. Then I thought about placement and decided the best place would be on my back, because thats where I would most likely be able to show it in class. I then applied the tattoo and made this post. I really liked this project and I am very proud of the work I did!

Update: moving around with these on your entire back is quite hard and my roommate had to put my socks on. Also the adhesive side ripped a little when I attempted to put to get dressed.