Chris Milk

Chris Milk was born and grew up in Glen Cove NY, and lives in Los Angeles. Milk uses interactive technology in his works, as he was based in music videos and photography. He is the Founder and CEO of Within which is a virtual reality media company and Founder and Creative Director of Here Be Dragons, which is a virtual reality production company. He is currently working with cross-media innovations to create an emotional human storytelling, in order to represent the beauty in the tangible and intangible things that connect us everything.

This picture Senator Barack Obama tells a story for America; based on all the work Obama has done as president, but also tells a story how people view him as a president. Being the first African American president he was a symbol for many people and the viewpoint of the camera looking up at him is very representative of that. The Treachery of Sanctuary is an interactive installation that explores the transformation from life to death. This involves the cross media that allows him to tell the story. Beck/Hello Again also tells a story and is interactive; I like the point of view and how it represents culture by making connects on how important concerts and celebrities are.


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