Marco Brambilla

Brambilla is a visual and installation artist, who infuses technology into his work that requires a level of complexity. This complexity reimagines an items and the purpose into something new and unique. He has been noted as a “pioneer of 3D technology in video art.” Brambilla is currently based in New York and Berlin with renowned shows in New Museum, New York; Santa Monica Museum of Art (Retrospective); Seoul Biennial, Korea; Broad Art Museum, Lansing, Michigan; and Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland.

I like the complexity of Brambilla’s work and I think comparing some of his works to Rashaad Newsome is fitting. My favorite piece is Power, not because of Kanye, but because of the inspiration for art history which I feel like many digital artist try to keep looking forward but this is a nod to the past while developing in new digital art. It shows how different society is from the past and now, as the prevalence of sex and celebrities are more present. Anthropocene makes a lot of comparisons between man made and nature, particularly in NYC and how this creates a unique ecosystem. I appreciate this because many times people focus on the mad made and hustle of NYC, not the surrounding beauty of nature. Materialization/ De-materialization was very tranquil and calming to watch, in my opinion. The rippling effect reminded me of rain drops on a puddle but the colorful bursts and human forms infuses the level of complexity normally present to tie in nature and the digital world.

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