Sara Ludy

Sara Ludy was born in 1980 in Orange County, CA. She received her BFA New Media, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, 2003. Ludy’s works include websites, animation, video, sculpture, and audio-visual performance. She also three-dimensionally concentrates architectural forms and sculptures, creating mysticism between spaces. She is both an artist and musician whose work explores the convergence of virtual and real environments.

I was skeptical of Sara Ludy’s work because I had trouble finding pieces I could connect to straight away. However there ended up being many pieces I was a fan of, my favorite being Body Scan because I liked the shadows of the body with the technology background because I was reminded of how women were at the center of statues with Renaissance art and such. This piece is colorful and dark at the same time with a feeling of mystery between the two forms. I also liked Dream House because of her play with architecture and how simple yet complex this piece is. I see the same thought process transferred over to Postcards with the choice of pictures and the spacing. I see juxtaposing concepts and ideas as a common theme in her work, as well as a narrative that is trying to develop which therefore has to be completed by the viewer.

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